Aitor. 7 years. It´s funny // Carlos. 6 years. It´s pretty // Hadiye 7/A:It is a beautful combination of flags. Alperen 7/A: Teddy Bear represents love and brotherhood. Burak 7/A:Flags remember me living friendly. Ayhan 7/A:It symbolizes peace. Busenur 7/A:Flags, … Continue reading


Nida 7/D: it symbolizes brotherhood of the countries Gülnur 7/D: It consists many countries. Enes 7/D: It symbolizes unity Tuğçe 7/D: It symbolizes peace Selin 7/D:It symbolizes brotherhood. Oğuzhan 7/D:It symbolizes unity and cooperation. Aleyna 7/D:It symbolizes peace. Sare 7/D: … Continue reading